Technical requirements

Technical conditions:

1. Mobiare is designed for mobile devices (smartphones, tablets (with or without SIM card)) with Android 4.2 and newer. Any modifications to the system (root) may affect the operation of Mobiare.
2. Mobiare system (device management application from Mobiare) works with most popular web browsers (including mobile versions of these browsers).
3. The mobile device with Mobiare should have access to the Internet to send data to the Mobiare Server and receive commands from the server. In the absence of Internet access location data are stored on the device  (if you have set scheduled location check). After the recovery of Internet connectivity data are sent to the Mobiare server and then they appear marked as offline data (red markers).

4. The following situations can affect the performance of Mobiare:

a. The specific device settings (eg. on battery consumption management)
b. No data transmission possibility (no Internet connection)
c. Location of the device – the device without a SIM card, such as some tablets may not be located if they are not connected to the Internet via WiFi, location will be collected by GPS or WiFi measurements  and stored in dadabase for transmission when Internet connectivity will be restored but it will not be possible, for example to lock the device or wipe (set device to factory settings) – these activities require connection to the Internet.
d. Uninstalling Mobiare application from mobile device or disabling Mobiare administrator rights on the device (Mobiare when activated on the device becomes  the device administrator to the extent necessary to carry out its functions)

Comments on location:

Mobiare uses the most popular method of locating devices (GPS, WiFi hotspots, GSM base stations).
Each time an attempt is made to determine the most accurate location (GPS), if this is difficult (eg. the device is in the building) another method is used. There are situations where the device is not located even if it is running (the lack of any Internet connectivity, the device is out of range of a GSM network).
Please note that devices such as tablets and smartphones are not designed primarily for location purposes and have some limitations. Location information supplied in Mobiare is indicative and their accuracy can vary from a few (using GPS) to a few hundred meters (using the GSM base stations).
For measurements of a scheduled and automatic in certain cases the device can send in small intervals of a few details about your location (from several sources). If in any case planned location can not be determined after several attempts, the device ceases its determination to save battery power. The next attempt will be carried out according to schedule.
Therefore, the determination of the location takes time and date of measurement not always accurately reflects the schedule (the interval between successive locations may vary slightly from the frequency set in the location settings). Location frequency determines how often the device will try to determine it’s location and send it to the server. If data about device location were colllected  but could not be sent to the server they are stored on the device and transmitted to the  server when Internet connection is restored (such data are presented in Mobiare as offline dat and are presented on the map as red markers)